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Here you can find some of my artwork.


Motivational Conferences

In her motivational conferences addressed to business men and women, companies, universities and/or schools, Dolores refers to her experience as an ultra marathoner (ultra marathons are races that go beyond 42 km) and as an international illustrator.

Made Conferences
Dolores shares with us

How she illustrated the covers of JK Rowling book series, Harry Potter, for the spanish edition.

How she began training (for the first time in her life) when she was 30 years old and became the first Argentine woman to run one of the toughest races in the world, Marathon Des Sables (243 km in the Sahara desert in Morocco).

How she won The 100 Himalayan Miles (160 km in the Himalayas between 1900 and 4000 meters above sea level).


How she won Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset (100 km on the mountains in one day).

Her experience on the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, where she emphasizes the importance of team work (also mentioned in her other experiences).

She transmits the importance of perseverance, preparing for a challenge, attitude, having clear goals, team work.

About me

There is a phrase Helen Keller said, that I love, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

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When I was little, when a “coihue” (a tall tree that grows in the mountains) creaked in the wind, my mother would say it was a fairy opening her window… we didn’t need to push our imaginations much, those mountains, forests and lakes, are truly enchanted and enchanting. It was in this amazing place, that I used to spend hours contemplating the illustrations in Fairy Tales books, and think, “When I grow up, I want to illustrate children’s books”.

In high school I began to dream about becoming a long distance runner, too. Cross country was my favorite sport. But only when I turned 30 years old, I took my dream seriously and I began to train. In October 1999, although I wasn’t well trained yet, I ran my first adventure race on the mountains. As I was finishing that race I kept promising myself would never, ever run a race of that kind again… It turned out to be the beginning of my career as a long distance runner.

I love to feel my body moving in harmony while I run. Running I feel happy with life and thankful for all the good things that surround me. While I am illustrating I get into whichever world I am creating, immersed in it, trying to figure out what can make it more beautiful, magical and or special. Whether I am running or illustrating, when I manage to get rid of my fears or overcome them, when I let myself go and be free, when I live the moment and don’t worry about the future, that’s when I get the best results.

Now I am working on my own children’s stories, picture books. It is an exciting new challenge for me.

Other things I enjoy are, having a coffee with a friend or by myself with a good book. Not worrying about how much ice cream I eat after having trained really hard. Romantic, epic, real life inspiring or adventure movies. Contemplating nature, a beautiful sunset, a beautiful tree, an overwhelming mountain landscape, an amazing flower, artwork. Pushing my limits. Making someone smile.


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