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Races and Expeditions

February 2010

Aconcagua summit attempt via the 360 Route

February-March 2009

Aconcagua summit attempt and documentary Attempted summit via the Normal Route while she filmed a documentary that was later shown in a TV adventure program, Sal de Aventura

January 2007

Southern Patagonian Ice Field Participated in a 3 people expedition and entered through Marconi Glacier and exited through Viedma Glacier

June 2005

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset, winner Race held in the north of Mongolia, 100 km on the mountains in one day

November 2004

100 Himalayan Miles, winner Race held in India (running between 1900 - 3900 meters above sea level)

April 2003

Marathon des Sables, first Argentine woman to participate & finish 243 km race in the Sahara desert in Morocco, finished 14th out of 69 women and 243rd out of 670 runners

Other Races
February 2005

Cruce de los Andes (Andes Crossing) 42 km between 2600 and 3900 meters above sea level

November 2003

New York Marathon, 214 out of 12000 women

March 2003

Cascallares, 1rst in general women

Abril 2001

Marathon Popular de Madrid

1999 - 2002

Adventure races in teams of two or three people

June 2002

Pinamar, third place in the women’s category

May 2002

Moreno, Buenos Aires, second place in the mixed category

February 2002

Desafío de los Andes (Andes Challenge) Mendoza, 5th place in the mixed category

November 2001

Ushuaia (abandoned race due to an accident while racing)

July 2001


November 2000

New York Marathon

August 2000

Victoria, Entre Ríos, second place in the women’s category

June 2000

Tucuman, third place in the women’s category

October 1999

Villa la Angostura, ninth place in the mixed category

Various Races

Several 5km, 10km, 15km, 21km and 30km street races.

Best Time
Best marathon time

3:27:36 hs (New York Marathon, 2003)

Best half marathon time

1:33 hs (Buenos Aires, 2001)